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[/ws-full-bg][ws-full-bg fullheight=’50’ align=’center’ color=’#fff’ centervert=’true’ parallax=’true’ bgcolor=’salmon’ nav=’true’ shadow=’pushedin’]As you can imagine, with application development and composition on my daily rota, I have very little time for this site, etc. I try my best but it’s not very good.

So as you may or may not know, I developed a web app using the web audio API for use with a group of disabled musicians. I call it Wappic or Web Application for Inclusive Creativity.

Basically, the composer adds oscillators, samples, biquad filters, delays and so on to be performed. They work with their performers to design the interface using buttons and the canvas API and create a performance interface.

I won’t tell you how to make yours, that’s up to you but I did have to document it recently and here is the PDF below to help you along your way.

BTW, it’s still in development and uses the Leap Motion Controller as an input as well as touch and mouse.

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Click here for Wappic and below is the PDF.


Here is a save file to help you get started (from my composition ‘Galvanised’).

Wappic Save File

Load it into wappic using the directions in the help file.

‘What’s the background picture?’, you might ask. Well it is Acoustronic and the Benyounes String Quartet performing one of my compositions and using Wappic.

Get that in til yee…. as we say in Belfast.[/ws-full-bg]