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Great Music WithSmiles.com

Whether you’re creating the next blockbuster sci fi feature film or making that all important corporate or YouTube video, you’ll find the music here.
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Production Music

Find out how to license original compositions for your game, app, film or television production.

Or just have a listen and enjoy.

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More Live Music Than You Can Shake A Stick At

Find out where you can hear exciting, live jazz and more.
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Live Music Events

Find out what exciting live projects I’m taking part in or writing for.

You might just find some great music to listen to on this page.

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The WithSmiles blog

Looking for ideas on how to incorporate music into your videos? Check the blog for news and tutorials.
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Music / WordPress

WithSmiles is constantly updated with tutorials involving anything from ‘How important is music choice in my YouTube video?’ to tutorials on WordPress.

Have a look and see if there isn’t something there you’ll find useful.


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Inclusive tools for composers

Over the last year I have been working with and composing for a group of disabled musicians and non-disabled musicians.

Specifically Acoustronic and the Benyounes String Quartet.

For my compositions, I developed an app called Wappic, for composers to create interfaces using the Web Audio API.

You can find out lots more about it here and use it for your own projects if you like. Its been invaluable to me.