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Compose With Feel

Musical instruments are great fun but musically they are not best utilised until someone composes for them. Many Accessible Digital Music Interfaces (ADMI) either ignore this or composers don’t take up the challenge of composing for such instruments. And when they do it lasts for one project or maybe two projects under the control of the composer. 

We wanted to make WithFeel VR as useful as possible and to have an opportunity to have repertoire. A repertoire created by disabled and non-disabled musicians alike. So we also designed the Compose With Feel app alongside With Feel VR. It was important to us that this was not an added extra thrown into the design as an after thought. They were both design together with periods of the research moving between the design of each and testing ideas of how they will work together.

In the video below we show some of the features of creating a composition for With Feel VR. These compositions are then used in With Feel VR not only for performance but to define the networked rooms where people can come together to perform, conduct and listen to each others works. The composer chooses the space for the performance, the sounds and if they don’t wish to choose 3D objects and materials then that’s ok…. With Feel VR uses aleatory to choose those elements for them. This was to make the process as simple or complex as the composer needs.