Promoting Your Production Music

Promoting production music is an endeavour to say the least. Most composers simply don’t have the time to promote their music as much as they would like and leaving it up to the music libraries or publishers is not always the best way to make a living. Composers are usually concerned with the finer details of their craft and not constantly updating Facebook statuses or writing posts like this.

However, composers who create production music, like everyone else in the world, need to take time out. Time to relax, refresh and better still, reboot the biological computer they rely so heavily on. Recently, I tried to combine my reboot with promoting my music.

Make your hobby work for you

I’ve often taken to the hills or countryside with my DSLR camera to┬ádo a little photography. It’s not unusual that I will use these images for my site and to promote my music but never to the extent that I did recently.

I live in a particularly beautiful part of the world. County Antrim, in Northern Ireland. Specifically among the glens and on the coast. So I took an extended break from writing music to put together a time-lapse video to promote one of my compositions.

Below you can see the result of this endeavour (it took a month in total) and in later posts I will try and show you (whether you’re a composer or an amateur photographer like myself) how I went about making these time-lapses.

It’s a simple idea to make your hobby work for you. Not exactly genius but not exactly common practice either.

In the meantime, I hope you enjoy my reboot and music promotion.

Rise From That Sweet Abyss from Lewis Smith on Vimeo.

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