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As well as composing production music, I also perform quite a bit in the Irish jazz scene. I’ll try my best to keep this page as up to date as possible with music events I am taking part in but I’ll most likely just add what I feel to be the most exciting projects that I am involved with.

I can quite often be found playing in Bert’s Jazz Bar in Belfast but if I’m not there you’re certain to find someone even better playing. So check it out whenever you can. Great music, great food and in wonderful surroundings.

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9th Aug DUBLIN & 10th Aug BELFAST

Amethyst is an exciting new project that I have recently become involved with. It brings together 5 musicians who each are contributing original jazz compositions and who are all extremely talented and sought after musicians on their respective instruments.

Amethyst are performing on Tues 9th Aug in the International Bar in Dublin. A well known and respected jazz venue in a great capital.

And on 10th Aug in McHugh’s bar in Belfast. McHugh’s over recent years has become an excellent venue for jazz and has launched some great careers.


On trumpet is BBC Radio Ulster presenter and jazz musician, Dr Linley Hamilton. Read more about Linley here.

On piano is an ever present jazz musician on the Irish jazz circuit, Scott Flanigan. Read more about Scott here.

On drums is an extremely talented German drummer by the name of Markus Strothmann, who is flying into Ireland for these dates. Read about Markus here.

On bass is an old friend of mine and a very talented musician, Dermot McNeill. The group was Dermot’s brain child and Dermot studied his Masters degree in jazz alongside Markus at the Guildhall School Of Music, London and will also be flying in for these dates.

On saxophones is MEEEEE!!!! Lewis Smith. I took that name because it’s an anagram of this website and I’m great. Just ask my mammy.


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